The ridge of most thatched roofs has a life span of between 8-10 years, during the lifespan of your new thatched roof you will likely have to have the ridge re done one or two times, it is also the most likely place for your roof to spring a leak so keeping on top of the maintenance of your ridge will in turn protect the rest of your roof from water damage.

We provide a choice of two ridging styles that can both we varied to your taste. The first is a traditional flush cut ridge, this style of ridge is traditional to cornwall and suits most thatched buildings in the area. The second is a pattern cut ridge, this consists of a pattern being cut from a block of combed wheat on the ridge, this style can be personalised anyway you wish with many pattern combinations but the most popular and our favourite is the scollop-point finish as seen in the picture.

You also have the choice for us to wrap the ridge over the top of your roof known as a wrap over ridge, or a more tradition style which is known as a butt up ridge where the butts of the material sit on top of each other either side of the apex, and lastly a rope finish, as the name suggest the reed is twisted to form the look of a rope sitting on the apex.

All our ridges are finished with a wire mesh to prevent damage from birds and vermin.