As well as working on many old buildings we also work on  brand new ones.

We can provide the complete roofing package from start to finish, this includes the installation of all roofing timbers, the installation of any fire protection which includes either a fire felt or board and of course the thatch itself.

We work long side the thatching advisory service who provide all the relevant fire protection, as well as the fire board and felt they  can also provide first alert heat sensors that can be placed inside the brickwork of a chimney to alert the owner of a chimney fire.

As well as doing much of the work ourselves we also work along side many local trades including builders, Oak framers, cob and lime specialists and chimney maintenance firms so you can rest assured whatever work needs doing on your property we can select the correct tradesman for the job.

As well as new builds we can also provide the service to remove slate from an existing roof and then set the roof up to be thatched and include all the relevant fire regulations as above

Our main aim is to bring more thatch property’s back and preserve what we have.