Large scale thatching projects to small restorations

First and foremost we thatch.Our style of thatching is very much a traditional one at heart, but we also aim to work with you to create the roof you desire. We can suggest many options to add more character to your thatched house.  Some houses suit a more traditional simple look while other deserve a little more of an artistic flare.

We are skilled in applying both water reed and combed wheat reed in traditional and modern methods. These include a traditional method of using hazel spars to fix into an under-bed or a slightly more modern method of using screw fixings and steel bar to fix into the timbers, this way is mainly used on new builds. Working in the south west region we come across cob buildings 90% of the time. Because of this we have become highly skilled in working with and replacing this age old material.

The traditional method of fixing the eaves to the cob would have been to drive wooden stakes down into the top of the cob wall. We use a much more efficient method which will not damage your cob wall and will last hundreds of years. We first level the cob and add a lime, cement mortar.

We then place a wooden wall plate on top of the mortar which we fix down using boat nails driven though the timber and into the cob. They cause minimal damage and will hold tight once the lime mortar has set. The roof is then ready to be thatched over and over for years to come, whilst protecting the cob beneath. Please click on the photos below to see larger versions and more detail.