I started my career by going to Truro College to study A levels, which I enjoyed and had a strong passion for Geography. Two years later I had gained four A levels and decided to further my education by going to the University of Reading to study a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Geography. After a gruelling three years of the concrete jungle and city life I managed to graduate with a third-class degree in July 2014.

In that summer, instead of applying for graduate jobs in the industry I was sick of the geography career path so I decided it was time for a change of plan. I wanted to do something outside, with my hands where I could be learning a skill. This is when I started working with Jack, he was building a luxury log cabin with a thatched roof. Jack needed help so it was a perfect chance for me to get outside and be hands on. It wasn’t until we were on the roof when I realised I really liked the type of material and was utterly intrigued by it.


After a few months of labouring with Jack I became hooked and wanted to learn the trade of Thatching. Luckily Jack and Toby were starting a job on the Roseland and decided to give me a chance, to see how I got on. I worked hard and made sure that bundles were on the scaffold ready to be used and the site was nice and clean. They took me on.

I was very pleased to be working for Toby and Jack’s company South West Thatching. I have been working hard ever since, learning every day. With three years under my belt, I have nearly finished my training and look forward to thatching for many years to come.